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Before we started to build the MINIVERSUM layouts in July 2013 we had made a 2x1 m test-piece on which we brought together the procedures and the materials. Find the photos of the construction in the Gallery. This layout received the reward of being an “exhibitory layout” and we also took part in a railway exhibition in Autumn 2013 in Gödöllő. It is still one of the main attractions in the playhouse.

The construction of MINIVERSUM started with the building of the Austrian and German layouts. Until the end of November 2013 these two layouts were a long way ahead of the Hungarian one: we constructed the frames for the layouts, we laid down the rails, we wired the electrics here first to create a "rough landscape".

In 4 months (from August to November 2013) we were able to finish work on the base and the track. At the beginning of December, a new phase of the construction began, where final elements, scenery and themes were created on the layout. This "final landscaping" stage of construction lasted until the end of April 2014.

During the construction 40 scale models arrived at MINIVERSUM from a variety of modelers. Examples from Budapest are: Vajdahunyad castle, Heroes’ square, and Western railway station. These unique models did not always arrive at the time when the corresponding part of the layout was being built, so often we had to go back to earlier work to be able to include the parts. The last three scale models were the ones mentioned above, all of them installed at the end of April.

The 9 months of construction saw several changes in the MINIVERSUM team: colleagues and modellers came and left. At one point there were as many as 30 people taking part in the building process, half of them working at the venue and the other half at home.

The construction was carried out by 5 groups: on-site structure and substructure builders, on-site team of electricians/digital specialists, modellers of customised buildings working from home, people assembling building kits working from home, and the management team responsible for the resources and the implementation of the project. The team members are shown on the Wall of fame.


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