Explore, behold and control it yourself!

The MINIVERSUM story started in August 2012 on the initiative of Attila Kocsis, who started to develop the concept of the exhibition and the business plan at this time. Besides the idea of a huge layout the following factors have been considered crucial:

* New dimensions of interactivity: the visitors could take part actively in the working of the layout;
* The venue as a sight itself: we have been considered a palace of Andrássy street since the beginning, and are part of World Heritage;
* Entertainment for children: beyond the interactive elements of the exhibitions a playhouse and a workshop provide extra activity for the kids;
* The quality of the modelling: we have strived to develop all the details so that a world-class exhibition would interest everyone;

In Autumn 2012 we could already see that a considerable investor was interested in our project and in 2013 we formed a small group that started to work together on the construction. László Vida and Gábor Martisz joined the team and by May 2013 the technical and implementation plans for the Krausz castle on Andrássy street had been finished.

ULBULAND KFT, who operate MINIVERSUM, was founded by private equity in May 2013. Before the construction of the layout and other on-site facilities, renovations had to be made to the venue. We took over part of the Krausz castle on 2 August 2013 and immediately started to create the layouts for the Austrian and German compositions. See the continuation of the story under construction.


1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 12.

Please contact us either in person or write an email with any questions, opinions or feedback.

Opening times


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We will be closed on Tuesdays in September due to regular yearly maintenance!