Explore, behold and control it yourself!

Attila Kocsis

Attila Kocsis

Creator, project manager, photographer of the house, leader of the enterprise

Martisz Gabor

Gábor Martisz

Digital infrastructure, responsible for the control engineering and railway operation

Y Vida Laszlo

László Vida (until January 2014)

Technical lead, design, venue renovation

Kiss Robi

Róbert Kiss

Austrian and German layout, responsible for the urban environment

Tiringer Feri

Ferenc Tiringer

Austrian and German layout, responsible for the natural environment

Csapo Istvan

István Csapó

Hungarian layout, responsible for the urban environment, customised scale models

Varga Tomi

Tamás Varga

Hungarian layout, responsible for the urban environment

Nagy Laci

László Nagy

Hungarian layout, responsible for the natural environment

Frischmann Gaspar

Gáspár Frischmann

Austrian and German layout, responsible for the urban environment

Harta Peti

Péter Harta

Austrian and German layout, responsible for the natural environment

Grosz Balazs

Balázs Grósz

Electrics, reconstruction of the rolling stock, later, operation

Szucs Miklos

Miklós Szűcs

Hungarian layout, modeller of several themes and bodies of water

Toth Gabor

Gábor Tóth

Modelling, painting, varnishing

Varga Zsombor

Zsombor Varga

Assistant modeller on the Hungarian layout

Y Szauter Akos

Ákos Szauter

Electrics, programming, reconstruction of the rolling stock

Y Urban Peter

Péter Urbán

Installation of special kits, electrics, guard rails

Although when construction finished the following people were no longer part of the MINIVERSUM team, the project owes a lot to them:

Y Kover Zoli

Zoltán Kövér (Until May 2014)

Hungarian layout, responsible for natural environment and several special themes

Y Fekete Janos

János Fekete

Unique scale models (Dürnstein, Wartburg, Tata, Vajdahunyad, Melk)


Zsolt Felker



József Vándorffy

Electrics, railway track construction


István Hotz

Electrics, substructure

As well as those mentioned above, Csaba Tóth and Péter Molnár (substructure construction) also worked with our team.

The individual modellers who provided us their unique scale-models were:

* Péter Zöldi (Western railway station, Győr city hall, Nagycenk)
* Károly Kókai (Tata railway station, Győr railway station, Sopron railway station)
* Máté Gulyás (Belvedere palace, Vienna)
* Posch Modell team (railway station, Vienna)
* András Veoreos (Erzsébet-viewpoint, pannonhalmi apátság)
* Balázs Borbély (car and camion repair work rooms, Sopron, Eisenach)
* Krisztián Bódi (Fire Tower, Sopron)
* Péter Bíró (Heroes’ square, Budapest)
* István Horváth (Zugló railway station)

and also János Karacs, Tibor Máté, Péter Pető, István Benke, Bence Molnár, Attila Cséplő, Nóra Sarkady, Dóra Polyák, Gergely Soós, Júlia Szűcs and Levente Szentesi.

The majority of the MINIVERSUM trees were made by Zsolt Bató.

Those responsible for creating the buildings were: Gábor Soós (who also took part in the design of the railway in 2014), Mihály Klinger, Attila Kasoly, Béla Gál, Imre Pócsay, István Bódi, Dániel Erky-Nagy, Gyula Ortó, József Krajcsír, Imre Szász and József Nagy.


1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 12.

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