Explore, behold and control it yourself!

5000Miniature figures

1300Metres of rail tracks



100Trains rolling


  • 1vmny

    Absolutely astonishing place with models that look so realistic and with so many details including interactive motion, light and sound buttons. Kids adored it and we spent almost 3 hours inside enjoying the slightest details like a pair kissing in a hay, paramedic team in action, guy caught by a dinosaur in a natural history park.

  • 2vmny

    This is a wonderful distraction for people of ALL ages. It contains at least 90 minutes of miniature perfection and enjoyment. Much of Hungary is represented here in it's tiniest reproduction. It's fun to explore the hidden and hard to find details. Partially interactive, it changes about every half hour from day to night and back again.

  • 3vmny

    I thought I was going to see mini-trains. I did. But there is a lot more than that. It is bigger than I thought it will be, and the details that went into building that is pretty amazing. You can find unexpected scenes everywhere too (dinosaurs, Star Wars references, UFO-s, and Back to the Future-car is hidden in there as well).

  • 4vmny

    Very good place to visit with kids. We spent almost one hour and my son wanted to stay even longer. It was interesting to find out hidden little things, to run trains, to see how cities are connected each other. The constructors did really great job. Many thanks the inventors and constructors for the great idea.

  • 5vmny

    Visited yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself, love the interactivity and the information provided throughout. Felt like a big kid the entire time and loved it! Suitable for all ages!

  • 6vmny

    My wife and I visited Budapest as part of a Viking River Cruise package. I never expected to find one of the greatest model railroads there. It is HO scale and is huge! They model specific areas in Europe and reproduce the structures on the layout. The detail is unbelievable! It is a great family activity and a MUST for any model Railroader!

  • 7vmny

    Almost didn't go in, as it looked as a place for kids, but boy am I glad I didn't let that stop me. The models are worked to an incredible level of detail, and there are buttons here and there that you can push to manipulate something. Some of the buttons control pretty obvious things - like the movement of a tram or a truck on the road. Others are more subtle and they force you to actually see the entire model before you can pinpoint what it does. This place is a must-see for anybody who likes models :)

  • 8vmny

    What an amazing experience. Me and my husband began to see and he was grumpy saying I got him to a kiddos entertainment zone! But after few minutes he was enjoying it more than anyone else. Try out all buttons and check color codes on leaflet to know which one does what. Tickets were also not so costly. I had an amazing time, just go and enjoy.

  • 9vmny

    We absolutely loved this place. We're both in our mid 30s and were mesmerised by it all. The attention to detail on the buildings, people, animals at the zoo and locations was fantastic. There is an interactive part were you can press buttons to make cars, vans and trains go round, turn lights/sirens on etc.


    1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 12.

    Please contact us either in person or write an email with any questions, opinions or feedback.

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